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    1st Year Golf Tournament Expectations

    Let's Get Real For A Moment

    Similar to starting a business, events of any kind that you plan on making a yearly occurrence, often take time, energy, and dedication- plus maybe a little blood, sweat, and tears- to truly see success. And golf events are no different. Does that mean your event won't be successful the first year? Of course not, but if you're planning on throwing a yearly event, you'll need to lay a solid foundation from the start.

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    Core 4 Golf Tournament Formats

    Golf Tournament Formats

    Golf tournaments are a great time for players of all handicaps to come together for fun, casual competition and most of the time, a great cause. While a traditional round of golf is always welcomed, for tournament organizers that need to keep the pace of play- and energy of the players- going, other formats can be considered. Here are 4 golf tournament formats to choose from for your next event that you may... or may not... have known about:

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    5 Must Have Components to Organizing a Successful Tournament

    Making the decision to hold a fundraiser is a large feat no matter what you choose to execute- but a golf tournament? Now that takes some serious planning. Thankfully with a little due diligence, a little dedication and a whole log of heart from the people involved, a successful fundraiser is possible to bring awareness and donations to the organizations you cherish the most.

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    Ultimate Pace of Play Guide

    We know there's nothing like being out on the course with a group of buddies, playing at the top of your game, enjoying a beverage and catching up- but when it's tournament time, slow and steady isn't helping anyone. Instead, tournament organizers must make sure they facilitate a pace of play that allows participants to enjoy their day while keeping everyone- and everything- running smoothly.

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