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7 Ways to Raise More Money

Planning and executing a golf event is no simple task but we know that the reward of raising money for your chosen organization or cause is always worth the effort. That being said, we want to help you find the best ways to generate even more money at your events- and with these 7 tricks, we guarantee you'll be handing over a larger check to your charity of choice than ever before.

1. It's Aout Who You Know

It's nice having friends in high places, right? This is especially true when hosting an event that could benefit from some well known faces and support. Reach out to your network to see how those you have helped or supported in the past can pay back the favor. From having them on the planning committee to playing on the day of to sponsorships, local celebs and notable professionals add a lot of clout- and money- to charity events. Additionally, other sponsors are always interested in events that will bring them positive recognition and attention.

2. Add an Auction

Who doesn't love the opportunity to potentially win something incredible for the price of a single raffle ticket? Choose an auction format- LIVE, online or silent- and help your participants to get excited to donate more to your cause with the possibility of winning BIG!

3. Hire a Pro

For some that want to be involved- but fear being to novice of a golfer- offer the opportunity to turn the event into a learning experience. Check with the host course to see if they have a golf pro available that would be able to give a pre-event demonstration and/ or walk the course throughout the tournament to give invaluable pointers to golfers. Some may sign up just for the mini-clinic itself!

4. Actually ask for the Donation

Seems simple but you might be surprised by how many events miss the opportunity to raise more money simply by not having donation buckets available. From leftover change to a few pocket dollars, the odds are people will donate more than just their ticket price if there is a place to put the actual donation. Remember, it never hurts to ask!

5. Helicopter Ball Drop

Want to have some real fun? If your space allows it, hire a helicopter to drop golf balls in a designated area for a chance to win money or a prize. Similar to a 50-50, balls are numbered and sold- but we think this a real chance to WOW your crowd.

6. Package Food and Beverage Together

Talk to your venue and vendors about creative ways to generate more money through food and beverage sales. Perhaps you could pre-sell drink tickets that give the purchaser a freebie, such as 3 drinks for the price of 2, but at enough of markup that there's still room for profit.

7. Sell Contest Packages

Finally, if you're already thinking out of the box for great ways to get participants involved to raise more money, consider selling a full blown contest package. The package can include everything from: extra drink tickets, entry into on course contests- such as hole-in-ones and longest drive- to extra balls in the helicopter drop and auction tickets. Sweeten the pot for golfers by throwing in a few mulligans, as well, and this will be a package too hard to turn down.