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The People You Need on Your Fundraising Committee

The People You Need On Your Fundraising Committee (and what they need to be doing!)

Marketing Maven

This person- ideally an outgoing individual with a knack for creative advertising- will be the point person for all ads, flyers, radio spots and social media content. Not only will the marketing maven conceptualize and create the marketing material, but they'll also be responsible for distributing it throughout the community.

Participation Partner

With the event abuzz thanks to the efforts of the marketing person, the next role will be responsible for turning those leads into registrants. They will also be the one to set registration goals, assign people to contact leads and setup the online service for registration and payments. Finally, this person will man the table on the day of event for any last minute stragglers.

Volunteer Wrangler

Did we say wrangler... we meant manager. The person in charge of volunteers must have excellent people, organizational and communication skills- something difficult to find all in one person. They will be in charge of finding competent and willing volunteers, delegating tasks to them and assigning duties for the day of. Remember, events are an "all hands on deck" type of operation, so volunteers are important- and ther person overseeing them is as well!

Sponsorship Superhero

Have someone in mind that can convince almost anyone to do almost anything? Grab that person and put them in charge of seeking out sponsorships and prizes. Similar to the marketing person's characteristics, this team of people (it's definitely more than a one person job) will use their natural charm to help rake in the various levels of sponsorships and prizes of all kinds: monetary, raffles, products, etc...

Golf Guru

Finally, you can't have a golf fundraising event without a guru that knows all things golf! While an avid player would be acceptable, aim to snag a golf pro from the course you're playing at or from a school nearby. This person will be responsible for all golf questions or contests, understanding the rules, and making any judgment calls necessary. They'll also be instrumental in providing insight into which tournament format would be best in the planning stages.