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The People You Need on Your Fundraising Committee

The People You Need On Your Fundraising Committee (and what they need to be doing!)

Marketing Maven

This person- ideally an outgoing individual with a knack for creative advertising- will be the point person for all ads, flyers, radio spots and social media content. Not only will the marketing maven conceptualize and create the marketing material, but they'll also be responsible for distributing it throughout the community.

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7 Ways to Raise More Money

Planning and executing a golf event is no simple task but we know that the reward of raising money for your chosen organization or cause is always worth the effort. That being said, we want to help you find the best ways to generate even more money at your events- and with these 7 tricks, we guarantee you'll be handing over a larger check to your charity of choice than ever before.

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6 Steps to Pulling Off the Ultimate Silent Auction

If you're looking to host an event that will bring in donations while providing you guests with a great time- and a number of opportunities to win big- a silent auction is an ideal way to go. However, with a lot of moving parts, it's important to get ahead of the planning to make the most of the night. Don't skip these 6 steps and you'll be right on track for the ultimate silent auction for your organization or charity:

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